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I aim to capture my innermost feelings and memories through my paintings. My work is inspired by a wide array of influences, including nature, music, and my personal experiences. I create abstracts and florals that incorporate bold colours and playful textures. No painting is ever created without JOY for me or the viewer. 

No two pieces are ever alike and I am always inspired to create something new. The next piece is always fed by the previous work. As an artistic professional, I’m always looking for the next opportunity to translate what I experience into art. 

About Sandra

Sandra Boorne is an artist whose visual language is recognizable by her sophisticated color palette and strong design.  She is passionate about combining different elements from the natural world with abstract shapes to create her signature paintings.


Sandra graduated with a diploma in Graphic Design and has taken numerous workshops and classes within the artistic community and is an Art2Life CVP alumni. She worked in the flower industry for over 25 years, designing gardens as well as owning a flower shop. She returned to painting full-time in 2010 and has been showing her work since then, whether in group or solo exhibitions or in collaboration with galleries.


Her process involves many layers of gestural mark-making, occasionally adding collage elements.  She intends to create history within each layer, adding texture, subtracting paint to reveal the underlayers, and then adding more paint as the forms begin to reveal themselves.  All the process is instinctual, except for the delicate and deliberate final touches that bring the piece to fruition.


Sandra paints primarily in Acrylics and Oil pigment sticks and has a strong background in watercolor, which she still teaches on cruise ships. She resides in Montreal, Canada for part of the year and has a studio in her home in Boynton Beach, Florida.

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