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As an artistic professional, I’m always looking for the next opportunity to translate what I experience into art. Since 2010, I’ve led a life fully devoted to the arts. It’s no lie to say I live, breathe and dream of art.I have experience in a range of media, although I have my own particular preferences that I keep coming back to.I work mostly in Oil Pigment stick and watercolours. If my style speaks to you, I’d love to work with you in the future. Please be in touch to find out more and to discuss how we can collaborate on whatever you have in mind.

My Story

I was trained as a graphic designer and throughout my life continued to draw and paint. However, I actually worked in the flower world. I was in my family’s nursery tending to the annuals and perennials and then created bouquets in our flower shop.


I have been painting full-time since 2010.  I have been very fortunate to have some incredible teachers and so have been encouraged to develop my unique view and simplicity of gesture. Whether drawing or painting I’m feeling the shape with my fingertips and attempting to recreate its depth and form. I’m playing with light and movement and recreating it in two dimensions.


I am drawn to painting familiar places and currently am shifting between neighborhood scenes and the woodland which envelops me as I take creative walks so necessary to my inspiration.


During this past year my work has been fluctuating between dark and lonely street views and joyful and brilliant colours of hope. I have been experimenting with jewel toned palettes and I have rediscovered my love for watercolour.


In 2020 I moved into a light-filled studio where I feel my freedom of expression and creativity are coming together.  I have found a clarity and a purpose to my work and revel in the exchanges between artists and the collaboration these times have brought to us.

Since 2022 I have had the privilege of bringing my experience with me and travel the world teaching watercolour on Cruise Ships. These travels are the culmination of my dream of sharing art with everyone!

April 2022

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